16 Best Smart Wallets with GPS Tracker in 2021

Walleon Smart GPS tracking wallet
Walleon Smart Wallet


Walleon Smart Wallet with Global tracking
  • Bluetooth 5.2 Long-range
  • Wireless + cable charging
  • Built-in power bank
  • Anti-lost distance alarm
  • Proximity sensor to safe battery
  • Last Wallet Location
  • Option to ring your wallet (sound wallet finder)
  • Long battery life
  • Additional security features
  • Mobile app control
  • RFID protection
Walleon phone charging
  • Stunning design
  • A built-in 1600 mah power bank that charges your phone

Ekster Senate Cardholder

Another every day carry that’s worth every penny. Ekster comes offers a wide variety of colors.

  • Multiple color options
  • Quick and easy card access system available just with a push of a button
  • Solar tracking card that makes this luxury man wallet impossible to lose


Volterman is a smart wallet that gained popularity from their Indiegogo campaign and amazing advertisement.

Volterman wallet

Tile Slim 2020 Tracker

The most current version for this year has upgraded to 3-year battery life and more smart design with a size of a credit card. As a reference, the older version worked with a non-replaceable battery that lasted only 12 months.

Tile Slim
  • 30 days of location history available
  • Voice activation with Alexa and Google Assistant


Woolet brings to the world “the slimmest smart wallet for the modern man” as stated on the brand’s official page.

  • Peta-approved VEGAN option
  • A wide price range for anyone’s budget

Baggizmo Wiseward

Gents, this is the first and only GPS wallet that has a programmable chip for storing your personal data. So cool! All of the electronic features inside Baggizmo keep buzzing with a build-in battery, wirelessly charged with an included Qi (standard) charger.

  • Made of water repellent, synthetic fabric
  • High-end GPS tracking

Innway Accent

I can’t skip this reasonably new Singapore’s brand of smart GPS wallets that was successfully kickstarted at the beginning of 2020. Many people compare it to Ekster; however, I see a big difference in the way both companies are handling their smart features. For instance, Ekster’s smart tracker is a removable device, while Innway Accent has all his features built straight into the wallet itself.

  • RFID-blocking
  • Quick card swipe & quick cash draw

Cuir Ally Voyager

Here’s another luxury man wallet that comes with all smart features that the modern gent expect to have! Cuir Ally Voyager is designed as a typical bi-fold armed with an anti-theft, GPS wallet locator, and a hands-free selfie option to shoot any photos using your wallet.

  • A space for a passport
  • Option to call your phone even on a silent mode

Cashew Wallet

The eccentric clamshell design of polycarbonate plastic makes this Bluetooth smart wallet unique. It requires fingerprint authorization to unlock it up. In case you lose your wallet, Cashew Wallet utilizes crowd source GPS technology to find it.

  • A long-lasting (up to 9 months) internal battery
  • The crowdsource GPS that will help you find your wallet on the other side of the world

Nomad Slim Wallet with Tile Tracker

Nomad Slim is another luxury man wallet with a built-in tracker that wows with its enigmatic design made of RFID-blocking fabric. The thin smart wallet (bye-bye, bulky feel!) keeps an invisible liner that contains a Tile Slim tracking card.

  • Bluetooth-enabled and linked with the Tile app on a smartphone
  • Three years of battery life (non-replaceable)
  • Easily holds 12 cards with two cash pockets

The Walli Wallet

Under number 11, I decided to put The Walli Wallet — another divine man wallet with inventive GPS tracking. It comes in 2 color options — dark blue and black.

  • Dust-proof and water splash-proof
  • Replaceable cell battery (lasts up to 6 months)


If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly smart wallet, here is my top 5 list that might want to consider (keep in mind that they usually do not come with that many technology-infused features):



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